Photographix ~ Small moments: Blog en-us (C) Photographix ~ Small moments (Photographix ~ Small moments) Mon, 30 Apr 2018 03:46:00 GMT Mon, 30 Apr 2018 03:46:00 GMT Photographix ~ Small moments: Blog 96 120 Dust off the ol camera J75A0774 -webJ75A0774 -web J75A0773 -webJ75A0773 -web J75A0670 -webJ75A0670 -web Finally it seemed a bit like Spring so off we went to the park.  As expected the Blue Heron's were as busy nesting and scrounging for dinner... the unlucky dragon fly was on the menu this day. We took several pictures, most of which we won't keep, but it was so refreshing to finally be out and enjoying the sun and fresh warm air. The time together just walking, talking, and planning our next adventure was icing on the proverbial cake. What a great day. ISomeone smarter than me once said "it is always about the journey, not the destination".

Your friend,


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For a time... I'll just get on with it... 2017 was a rough year of losses... family members, friends and then our loss of Bear February 3, 2018. I have vented many times during this year and appreciate those of you who have been witness to my struggle to cope.  I will be the first one to say I wasn't doing a "bang up job" of keeping a happy attitude or any semblence of normalcy.  In fact, I just realized I had closed myself in, let my business go, and left alot of you wondering. Some have asked me in sweet little tones, "so, are you still doing pictures?", or "I hear you've retired". My husband has quietly stood by and watched the process, coping in his own way until yesterday.  He said he was trying to help me find something to photograph that would make me happy again, like it used to. He also said that I "just quit" taking pictures.... of anything...."  Then the reality came crashing in... he was right and I am heartsick for stepping out of reality for a bit.  I guess it was necessary but a year goes by remarkably fast and I don't have that many more years (compared to billions of years) Time to come back to life, get back to work/play and find the joy in each day. Missing those who leave before you is something we all have to deal with and it is never going to be easy but you must remember... you have to return to life, to work and hopefully do it with renewed strength and determination.  So, here it is: I am officially back to work full swing... pets and people and things. Thanks for being great listeners and patient customers and sweet friends.

Sylvia  Bear as Sheriff sherriff BearRIP my beautiful, soulfull friend

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The Journey  There is a time of change for ALL things, large and small.  Our big beautiful world is always changing, with or without our help.  All living things must change and all things are living...  Our life is no different than any one elses... we have ups and odwns, days of joy and sadness and times of abundance and "less than adbundance".  The point is that it is ok. Just breathe, focus, be intentional regarding your choices.  We are doing more Art these days and much less Portrait work and it is wonderful.  The shows we take our work to have been great... it never hurts to have someone tell you how much they love your work... and if they love it so much they want to take it  So don't be sad that we are no longer focusing on portrait work.  Life is good. We are swimming the backstroke and enjoying every minute. It is all about the journey, not the destination after all, isn't it. 22089337_900739403416200_2315147771448827531_n22089337_900739403416200_2315147771448827531_nYou have one life... make it count.


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May the force be with you gamma example webgamma example web Gamma is a little known option to better looking photos.  You've seen "gamma" before...such as gamma rays (kind of Star Trek-ish) and  gamma on your monitor adjustments.  Pretty common, but what does it  mean?  Here is a pretty clear description of gamma in Photoshop:

 Images which are not properly corrected can look either bleached out, or too dark. Trying to reproduce colors accurately also requires some knowledge of gamma. Varying the amount of gamma correction changes not only the brightness, but also the ratios of red to green to blue.

You can find this adjustment under Images /  Exposure in Photoshop... get ready to be amazed at how much better your color will be.I've included a sample of an original and then with gamma adjustment... a bit exagerated to show the difference.  Have fun with it and see what you can create today.   


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Can you see me now? small-round-lighted-magnifying-glass-19.gifCan you see me now?Gotta have.


There is nothing quite like being still, alone with your thoughts and the anticipation of what nature will bring you... will there be a brilliant sunset?  Maybe a glowing moon... if there's no moon, that means a chance at amazing starlight images to take home in your camera like a little treasure chest filled with stunning colors and sparkling stars as a reward for your patience.



A good, small magnifer with light is not only good for map reading (if your GPS is on the fritz) but essential to have in your camera bag for seeing your settings in the dark.  Have one on a long chain around your neck or attached to your bag or wrist.... whatever works best for you. This is invaluable for no longer having to dig for your reading glasses and a flashlight.  Also, it saves you the stress of fumbling and dropping them in the dark.

Warm nights are on the way... get ready to watch the late sunsets and wait for the starry skies. 





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2017 Sports pricelist Sports 2017Sports 2017

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Not Your Mama's Team Photo IMG_5055 webIMG_5055 web Every year sports photography changes a little bit... a little more techy... a little less traditional.  At first glance you may think this image has little to do with the Sport of Volleyball, but you would be wrong.  The girls came up with this idea which took the entire team to help them create it.  The team members used their cell phones to add light to their faces, hidden phones under the net to add light to the floor, and offered them enthusiasm and support for their Senior Photo.  The serious faces are true to their hearts.. they will miss each other, the team efforts, the work and the victories... they will even miss the soft words of support after a loss.  It took quite a while to create this image and the girls were tired from practice, but they were patient and respectful.  That is one of the qualities I admire of most school athletes.  The wins are wonderful, but the true prize is the character they gain.  I hope they like this image and I hope it is near to what they had in their imagination.  Keep up the good work girls, be diligent and intentional in your choices...  enjoy your Senior year!

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Liar, Liar, Pants on fire A.G.Professor Emeritus, Bio-Sophistry

Your liar likely suffers from NPD (narcissistic personality disorder). There are other possibilities, but she certainly suffers from a serious mental condition.

To an NPD sufferer, other people are pieces on a chess board where the goal is their own self-aggrandizement. You can prove this to yourself by trying to talk to her about an achievement of your own. Your liar may deny it and immediately riff into her own (probably imaginary) superior achievements ors he will be completely disinterested. You are not a person to her. You are only an object with a shiny reflective surface that can potentially reflect back the self-aggrandizing nonsense she spews. She will listen only to the extent it is necessary to gain your attention.

NPD sufferers are not just pathetic, some can be dangerous manipulators. When they feel slighted, they do not respond equally. If you publicly reject the liar's self-aggrandizement, the gloves come off and the liar can start manipulating others for the purpose of hurting you. If you suffer a serious loss such as a job, a partner or even your freedom that is a victory to the liar, something she will feel proud of--she has validated her own existence by crushing your threat. So don't get on her bad side, and under no circumstances allow her to acquire a position of authority over you at work.

That being said, you don't have to play her silly game. Stay away as much as possible. If she starts her crap, look bored, start texting, etc. When she stops for breath, say in a bored tone, "that's nice" without making eye contact. Deny her the attention she wants without confronting her lies. As soon as she realizes she won't get the attention she seeks from you she will look elsewhere.

As you may have noticed when you confront the improbability of her stories,she is secretly delighted (becauseshe is getting attention from you). That is part of her game: if you believe her stories she wins, if you argue against her stories she wins. The only way for you to win is not to play.




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Mental Vacation “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”
Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Lately, my thoughts take me to images that are light hearted and full of lfun... things that make us grin or that make us want to be there, even for just a moment... nothing serious, just  small retreats from the daily humdrum.  This pic of Bear is one of my favorites... he is such a good sport. Bear as Sheriff fbBear as Sheriff fb

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fitness The confession:  I have not been on the yoga mat in a month and I feel it.  After a session this morning I'd love to say I feel great, but my tendons were tight, legs are sore, arms are weak.  Here's the thing tho, my energy level is considerably better and I feel more alert (probably due to the extra blood flow to the brain from all those D. Dogs) lol

  I've used all the normal excuses... too tired, too late, too early, too busy, etc. but no more.  I have a date with Rodney Yee, yoga instructional video, every day, no matter what. 

It isn't about looks, it's about physical and mental health.  I need to be able to quickly decide camera settings when we're photographing anything that moves or changes and muscles must be strong to carry heavy camera equipment wherever we may want to go for that perfect shot.  Why I let it slip?  Don't know. 

I know that I am not alone and just wanted to tell you my little story.  We are all on the same path, no matter where life takes us, we'll all cross the same finish line.  Make it a good journey, exciting, filled with health and happines <3

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Crazy kid photos candy tutucandy tutu Kids do the darndest things and I'd like to photograph your child doing what they do best... silliness.  Does your child love lemons?  Let me photograph that adorable "sour face".   Playing in the mud?  Getting into the flour?  Call me.  No session fee. No minimum order.  I will set it up and shoot whatever it takes to get the shot at no cost to you.  I will retain the rights to the images to use as I choose (advertisements, brochures, contests, print sales, etc.  You will get a fun experience and the opportunity to purchase the images if you wish, no pressure.  I will set up a viewing time for you to come and see the images in the studio on screen.  At that time you will purchase whatever you like, or not.  Cameras / cell phones, etc will  not be allowed during the shoot to protect the copyrights.  You will sign a model release, as always, prior to the shoot.  I am offering this opportunity for a limited amount of time beginning in July.  Call me if Mr. or Miss Photogenic lives at your house.... if you have a little silly bean that makes you grin or just a kid that loves the mud.  Children are all beautiful and special and unique and one of my favorite subjects when they are allowed to be who they are.  I hope to hear from you soon <3



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Pet Photogenics Bear as Sheriff fbBear as Sheriff fb This summer I plan to do some seriously fun animal photos and am looking for some seriously fun animals... all kinds.  Do you have a special pet?  Even barn animals  have character.  These will be pictures that I set up and shoot from my own creation to use for ads, competitions and sales. Now don't feel like I'd leave you out...  You will be able to purchase whatever you like without a minimum order.  The only stipulation would be that orders must be placed and paid for at the viewing which will be in the studio on screen.  These will be taken in the months of June and July so if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.  Oh, I almost forgot, there is no limit to how many animals you can bring in (one at a time of course) so if you are surrounded with darlings.... teach them to say cheese. lol

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Proofing your Pictures Print proofing is back and I am so excited about it.  You will get to see and feel actual prints of your images rather than seeing them on the screen and trying to imagine what they look like printed.  I have to admit, it always made me a bit uncomfortable but I sure didn't want to stand in the way of progress.  Well, I truly think proofing needs to be done with actual pictures so I am taking a stand. NO MORE ONLINE PROOFING OR ORDERING.   You will get to enjoy a lovely session and then I will call you a bit later and let you know I have some proofs ready.  The price list will be included with your prints.  You can sit down with me and go over what you'd like to order or you can do it in the privacy of your own home.  I will do all of the ordering for you.  Doesn't that sound nice?  I think so too. 


Please let me know what you think on the guestbook and / or facebook.  Your opinion is important to me.

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Tee Ball Time Kids SportsKids Sports

Tee Ball pictures are scheduled for next week.  Cuteness and Chaos all in a couple short hours. lol  Bring your order form with correct change folded inside the form (please trifold form so athlete name and order choices are on the OUTSIDE.  Fold, tape or staple the ends if necessary.  I lookforward to seeing you all!

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"flourish" trial offer "flourish"

trial offer for limited time

$25 Session Fee

One Free image on CD

Dressy. Sparkly Gold Backdrop.

All profit goes to finding a cause/cure for IDDM (Juvenile Diabetes)


How it works:

You will wear your fanciest duds

I will take 5 frames of each, individual person or pet first.

I will take a small group closeup afterward if you wish.

(Single images of all people in the group must be purchased)

One FREE image.  Each additional image is $10.


IDDM is a personal type of disease. You generally wouldn't know the person has it.

They cover the needle marks from the insulin shots & necessary blood sugar picks (several daily) and rarely make mention of it. Juvenile Diabetes demands constant awareness of your diet and the necessity to ALWAYS have your insulin if your sugar spikes' or

a source of quick energy such as fruit, a sandwich, granola bar, etc.  if your sugar levels begin to plummit.

  Anxiety, hormones, sickness, allergies, exhaustion, exercise, etc. affect sugar levels. 

Left untreated, it is fatal.

See my blog post "My Heart" for our own story







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My Heart For 20 years I have had this yearning in my heart to make an impact on finding a cure for IDDM (juvenile diabetes).  My youngest son was in high school, on the wrestling team, track and was in the midst of drivers training when one day he came home and just crashed, on his bed.  I thought he was exhausted from the rigorous wrestling training.  When I realized he was nearly too weak to stand, we went straight to the doctor. His sugar was at dangerous levels over 900!  Yes, it is true.  How could I let it go that far?  Honestly, there were a couple of signs that I missed.

Weight loss and fatigue which I attributed to  his extreme wrestling training at school.

  When we went for the family yearly eye exams the doctor asked me if he was diabetic and I laughing said no... there is not even a diabetic in the family.  Docs response was,  it seems there was a bit of build up (sugar), you might want to keep an eye on it but no changes in his vision.   And lastly, Jason said he had  difficulty at drivers training that day, crossing the lines.  I thought it was odd, but Jason is blind in one eye due to a pinched optical nerve so I thought perhaps that was the problem even though it had never caused him difficulty in the past.

I found out later he and his friends went to the local party store every day after school and got a candy bar and a Mountain Dew!  Not good.  That didn't cause the IDDM,  it was his body starving for insulin and a teenage boy with a couple dollars in his pocket.

The cause of IDDM is a virus.  Scary but true.  It can be a virus that your child gets when they are much younger and the body gets confused and starts attacking the  good cells as well as the bad ones and damages the pancreas.  It is not preventable as yet (my goal to fix this) and is highly misunderstood. It is NOT the result of bad diet and laziness or lethargy like adult onset diabetes can be  and it is NOT hereditary like adult ones diabetes.  Jason was a slender muscular average boy, always active with hunting, school and general kid stuff.  I guess that is why I just could not see it.

We nearly lost him that day... he was comatose and in ICU for several days to bring the sugar down.  I will be forever grateful to the team of people who taught us, as a family, how to give shots, measure insulin, recognize low and high sugar, prepare meals.... all of it.  They gave us the tools we needed to cope and as a result Jason to this day is healthy and happy with a family of his diabetic children (IDDM is not hereditary)


We all want the best of the best for our children so I know you can understand this plea.   There must be early detection (before it shows symptoms and damages the pancreas) so a cure can be found.  I have faith in our technology that they can do this, but is has to be funded.  I'm not a fund raising guru or even a band booster.  I'm just a Mom with a camera that has to do this. I know it can be done if we work together.   I am currently trying to put together a photo session where 100% of the profit goes to this cause.  I'll keep you posted.


If you have a story. thoughts or suggestions you'd like to share, please email me.  I'd love to hear what you have to say.



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FALL IS IN THE AIR Like it or not, Fall in Michigan is definitely around the corner.  You can smell it in the crisp morning air and the sounds are... well... like fall.  I don't know if it's the birds chattering continually at the feeders, getting ready for their long journeys South or the way the morning fog dampens everything with a heavy grey blanket. What I do know is that every time I hear a semi  go by in the early hours, it sounds like a school bus...ugh.   I'm NOT READY!  stop stOP STOP! Our hazy lazy Summer days are giving way to a new Season.  What?  You don't remember lazy hazy days?  Me neither, but none the less, here we are. Mid August and not one lazy day to show for it. lol.  I guess that's a good thing.  Do you know that old saying about idle hands?  I think we are all happier when we are busy creating, working, actively playing and making the most of our days.  We see how quickly they go by.  All of that just to say this.  After much deliberation, I have made one last change to my sessions.



In fact, they are as low as ever.

My reasoning is not important.  What is important is that I know I am offering my customers a very affordable , high quality product.  To book a session with us, you should call a couple of months in advance if possible.  Some months are more busy than others and some times we are on location for a week or two adding to our Home & Business inventory (Small Moments). 


Now the fun stuff!


$90 buys you all of this:

A 45 minute session

25 Modern Pop Out ornament cards with envelopes; you'll be thrilled to give these to family & friends

One 8x12 print of your favorite image

A private online album to purchase, share & order your pkg. and more, delivered right to your home.

A copyrighted image for your Social Media (same as the 8x12)

10% off additional prints and products

October 10

Appointments at 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 pm

Time slots are one per hour, on the hour. That allows a good 45 minutes of shooting time.  If you are late, it comes out of your time (no refunds)

The outdoor location will be given individually by email.

Contact me for details.


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The Price is Right.... or is it? I'll be honest... I would like your help.  What do you think of my business and the price of photography (mine, to be exact).  Here is what I want to know.

1. What would you pay for a 30 minute session resulting in 5 enhanced digital images and an 8x12 print?

2.  Do you prefer to purchase package deals or a la carte?

3. Which is better: $50 session fee & you purchase the prints you want or a flat rate that includes the session fee and a specific amount of prints (something like 4 sheets, etc)


My goal here is obviously to make you happy and for me to make money... yes, I am trying to make a living.  What would it take to bring you back for pictures say... 2-3 times a year?


I truly appreciate your honesty,  and expect that we will be great friends since those that truly have your best interest at heart are hard to dislike.  Don't worry, you will not hurt my feelings, unless you intend to.  Helpful criticism is necessary and healthy for business.


Any helpful suggestions are welcome.

For your time, I think I'd like to host a mini special and you'll get .....what. I'm waiting to see what you think. haha

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I couldn't have said it better.. This is a link to a page in Meg Bitton's website.  I urge you to read this if you are a photographer of any skill level because I think you will benefit from this deeply.  She has gloriously put into words every thought I've ever had on the subject and more and I'm so glad she did.  She challenges me to be better, to leave old barriers behind and as the years have gone by to embrace the artist that lives within.  I'm sharing with you because it will challenge you too and I think will make you better at what you do. Be free.



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IMG_8728 IMG_8728IMG_8728


After so many subzero days & canceled shoots I need to take some studio pics today.  I do have a couple specific ideas in mind for people with long hair but if you're game to tackle the weather contact me no matter the length of your hair.  PIcs will be in studio only.  No fees for will be able purchase pics if you want.


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